Hey, I'm Ankush 👋

gm☀️! I am Ankush, a 15-year-old blockchain-cum-web developer from India.
My main professionalism is in web development, but I also have experience working with latest tech-stacks.

Apart from web dev, I have learned blockchain development and worked with big companies like Layer3 and Thirdweb by building smart contracts for their projects using solidity. I am a part-time freelancer :)

What I Do 💭

I'm passionate about everything technology; from designing and developing software, to understanding how the many moving parts of the internet work together, to cybersecurity, systems, programming, and so much more. I strive to learn more about these things every day, and utilize my knowledge to further understand how or why the technology around us works.

Technologies 💻

I use a variety of tools to streamline my development process and increase the quality of both my code, and my projects. Below is a list of technologies and languages I've had experience with in the past, or use currently.

  • Projects 🛠️

    In my free time, I enjoy creating open source projects on GitHub, so I can learn from others and showcase what I know. In total, all of my open sourced projects have earnt me 233 stars on GitHub, and 49 forks.

    if you looking to hire me for any freelancing or consulting work, please reach out to me at Email.

    Ankush Chauhan

    Software Engineer • 2022